Parking Area taken 2004–2006


That of the timing of tombstones of monuments and had taken the beautiful and night after night Aoyama cemetery , etc. .

Suddenly If you look at the parking lot , the car you have placed at the bottom felt like a tombstone .

Temporary tombstone . Parking Only and whether a tomb in modern .

Dystopia 2002 -2015 = such a normal thing for ordinaries



1982 Born in Yokohama, Japan
2001 Graduated Azabu high school
2002 Enter Waseda Univ. and major in applied physics
2006 Drop out Waseda Univ.
2009 Participated a Gallery Niepce (-2010)
2012 Teach how to make a digital print as a teacher at Kawasaki city museum

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Photographer Sho Niiro (JP)

Photographer Sho Niiro (JP)